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ADP General Info and FAQs


What is ADP?

ADP is a third-party payroll processing company.  They will be assisting TCNJ in paying employees and preparing the College’s tax requirements for the government.  The TCNJ payroll staff will still be on site administering payroll, calculating employee pay, answering questions, and providing the same services to the College community as always.

How will the process for getting paid change?

For those on direct deposit, the process for getting paid will not change.  The same information that is transmitted to our bank will now be transmitted to ADP.

Viewing your payslips and W-2s will now be different; these can now be viewed on the myADP website.

For those getting paid by check, we are phasing paper checks out by April 1, 2020 (coinciding with the go-live of Oracle Cloud) per State of New Jersey laws and requirements.  The options of getting paid going forward will only be by direct deposit or by Wisely Pay Card, ADP’s electronic pay card.

What is the benefit of registering with ADP at the myADP website?

Registration will link your ADP account to TCNJ Self-Service, so while you’re connected to the TCNJ network you will be able to view the myADP website to view payslips and W-2s.  Registering for the myADP website will give you a separate user name and login that will allow you to access this information when you are off the network.  Downloading the ADP app will also allow you access to your payslips and W-2s.  Furthermore, if you separate with the College, you’ll still be able to access your information on the myADP website.

How long will my information be available on myADP?

ADP stores employee information (payslips and W-2s) on myADP for up to three years. Should you need to keep this information for longer, it is easy to download the forms in PDF format. Downloading is advised as any information older than three years cannot be retrieved.

How do I…?

Task PeopleSoft* YESS ADP
Enroll/change my direct deposit? YESS
Change my W-4 withholdings? YESS
Sign up for electronic W-2s? YESS
View/download/print my payslips? ADP –
View breakdown of gross-to-net wages? ADP –
View/download/print my W-2s? ADP –
View compensation history? YESS
View my state tax status? YESS
View my voluntary deductions? YESS
View my benefits information? YESS
Signup for Wisely Pay Card? (contact the payroll office)
Setup direct deposit for primary Wisely Pay Card? YESS
Transfer money to secondary Wisely Pay Card(s)? ADP –
Have a problem with my Wisely Pay Card (lost, stolen, fraudulent activity)? ADP Wisely Member Services

at 1-866-313-6901

We have transitioned to Oracle Cloud. All changes to direct deposit or tax withholding information must be submitted through the Cloud. Please view the ‘Self-Service’ tab for instructions.