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Direct Deposit

As part of TCNJ’S transition to ADP, the College will no longer issue paper checks for payroll as of April 1, 2020. See below for setting up direct deposit. A second option is the Wisely Pay card by ADP. Click here for more information.

Employees may arrange for direct deposit of their pay into a specified bank account by accessing Your Employee Self-Service (YESS) and completing the Direct Deposit page. See below for detailed instructions

Employees enrolled in Direct Deposit may view and print their deposit statements by accessing myADP 

Direct Deposit remains in effect until terminated by the employee. To terminate direct deposit, access YESS and click on the delete button. Termination may take up to two pay cycles to process.

If an employee is enrolled in Direct Deposit at the point of separation from the College, all exit payments including lump sum sick and vacation payments will be deposited into the Direct Deposit account.

Benefit from Enrolling in Direct Deposit


Set up direct deposit in YESS

To View, Add, Change or Edit Your Direct Deposit Account Information

• Sign into Your Employee Self Service
• Select: Direct Deposit in the Payroll and Compensation section.

• Select: or and complete the pages as required.

• When electing direct deposit and you have one account designated, select Deposit Type -PERCENT and enter 100 in the AMOUNT/PERCENT field.
• When electing direct deposit and you have more the one account designated, you must have one balance account. This is the account to which all remaining money will be deposited.
• The Deposit Order is the order in which money will be distributed to each account. The lower the number, the higher the priority the money is distributed. 1 is the first account that will have money distributed.
• When using multiple accounts, it is best if you designate deposit order 1 with a deposit type of AMOUNT and the final deposit order to be identified as balance. When using deposit type of PERCENT, the total percentage must equal 100%.

Refer to the image below to identify the routing number and account number











Note: It is extremely important that the routing number and account number are entered accurately. Errors could cause a delay in receiving your pay.

• Many savings account deposit slips do not contain a 9-digit bank transit number (also referred to as a routing number or ABA number). If you wish to deposit into a savings account and there is no transit number on the deposit slip, you must contact your financial institution to verify their transit number.
• If the account number printed on your check contains non-numerical fields (i.e. hyphens, dashes, periods) do not enter the non-numerical fields when entering your account number.
• After saving the data, YESS will automatically send you an email that your Direct Deposit information has been updated.

As part of TCNJ’S transition to ADP, the College will no longer issue paper checks for payroll as of April 1, 2020. LEARN MORE