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Pay Statement Description

Listed below are the contents of the TCNJ paycheck. This information contains details of each field on the paycheck.


  • PAY PERIOD BEGIN DATE AND PAY PERIOD END DATE: Beginning and ending dates for the pay period. The College of New Jersey follows a biweekly pay schedule.  Pay schedules are posted on the Payroll Office website.
  • CHECK DATE:   Date check issued.
  • NAME:  New employees should verify that your name on your pay statement matches your legal name on your Social Security card to ensure correct reporting of wages to Social Security Administration.
  • PAY GRP:  Information used to classify employees for payroll purposes.
  • ADDRESS:  Employees should verify that the address listed here is their current address.
  • DEPT:  The department where you are employed.
  • LOC:  Your office location.
  • EMPL  ID:  Your six digit TCNJ employee identification number.  Use this number when asking Payroll questions.
  • NET PAY: Actual amount paid after taxes and deductions are withheld.
  • TAX DATA:  Federal and state withholding status, allowances, and additional amounts to be withheld each pay period.
  • EARNINGS:  Earnings paid by type, the amount and year-to-date amounts.
  • TAXES:  Federal and state tax amounts for the current pay period and year-to-date.  See Tax Rates for Calendar Year 2018 for current tax rates and abbreviations.
  • BEFORE TAX DEDUCTIONS:  Current and year-to-date deductions. These are deductions withheld from your gross pay before taxes are applied. See deduction abbreviations
  • AFTER TAX DEDUCTIONS:  Current and year-to-date deductions after taxes have been withheld. See deduction abbreviations.
  • LEAVE BALANCES:   Accrued leave balances for sick, vacation, energy, administrative leave and paid leave bank.  Note that employee groups have different leave benefits.
  • PAYCHECK SUMMARY:  Summary of current and year-to-date federal and state taxable wages, total taxes withheld, total deductions withheld and net pay.
  • NET PAY DISTRIBUTION:  Payment type- direct deposit or check, paycheck number, account type –checking or savings for direct deposit participants, and amount which is the net pay.