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Student Workers

Student employees are an integral part of the TCNJ workforce. Students are paid biweekly two weeks after the end of the pay period. For information related to pay schedules, taxes, time sheets and other related information, please see the


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


FICA and Medicare Tax Withholding for Student Employees 

 The IRS provides an exemption from FICA and Medicare taxes for students (enrolled at least half-time at the undergraduate or graduate level) employed at the College which they are enrolled and regularly attending classes.  This exemption does not apply to an otherwise eligible student not enrolled in classes during summer or breaks of more than five weeks.  Therefore, students not enrolled in classes at the College during the summer but employed on campus will have FICA (4.2%) and Medicare  (1.45%) taxes withheld  from their summer paychecks.

As part of TCNJ’S transition to ADP, the College will no longer issue paper checks for payroll as of April 1, 2020. LEARN MORE